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// Who we are

​HJA is an established company that has several years' experience of providing business training to individuals and organisations in industries such as finance, healthcare and technology. Our aim is to educate in a clear manner and use material that is straightforward and which facilitates learning. Our accredited trainers are fully qualified practitioners in their specialist fields.

We understand that people learn in different ways and so ensure our training is as interactive and learner-centred as possible and enhance the training delivery with the use of our own vibrant resources specially created to cater to diverse learning styles.


UK based.

Global reach


We are UK based in the heart of the thriving capital, London, but provide a worldwide service

 // Our values

  • We always put our clients' needs first and treat them with the utmost respect

  • A trusted company that can be relied on

  • Embody excellence without compromise

  • Assurance of the integrity of all that we offer

  • Provision of a service tailored to our clients' individual requirements irrespective of size or industry

  • Assurance of integrity, consistency and attention to detail

  • Offer beneficial, quality training provision, resources and consultancy

  • Provision of training that increases or enhances skills, achieves learning goals and can be used practically for career or personal progression

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HJA knows what it takes to help individuals achieve their learning requirements

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